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After countless problems today, I ended up rolling Rails back to version 2.3.4 and Ruby to version 1.8.6. Note: it may say to Ctrl-C to shutdown the server, but you actually have to do Ctrl+Break. And note to self: Some of my tests use the “should_ensure_length_at_most” macro in shoulda, which for some reason isn’t in […]

I recently installed Windows 7 Professional on my laptop. It was perfect timing since I was starting to have issues going into standby on my Windows XP Professional install, so it was about time since I would have re-formatted soon anyways. It has, for the most part, been a seamless upgrade. The Control Panel was completely […]



Problem solved! I was restarting InstantRails after changing the config, but what I really needed to be doing was restarting the application by ctrl+c’ing and re-typing ‘ruby script/server’. Now it works and has the proper directory :)

I have MarkUs up and running on my computer now! It is having troubles creating the repositories for assignments though – I edited the config/environment.rb file and it is still trying to look at the unix path instead of the new value I gave it. Restarting InstantRails didn’t help at all. Looks like it’s time […]

Yesterday, I flew back to Waterloo for the school term that starts tomorrow. I found all of my course outlines, discovering that I only have 2 final exams this term! I’m living in the same place as I did on my previous school term (winter), so unpacking didn’t take very long and that leaves me […]

First week


I am very excited to be working on the MarkUs project for the upcoming fall term. I have had minimal experience with Ruby before while working at Amazon, so working with Ruby on Rails should be an awesome learning experience. I am going to use this blog to document what I learn and work on […]