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Regular expressions are sort of like in Perl, in that you would write them like this: if str =~ /Tara|Clark/ #do something end Blocks seem a bit confusing as well. Well I understand the idea of curl braces or do…end distinguishing it from other sections of code, but what confuses me is what they’re used […]

Interesting Things about Classes Starting class names with an uppercase letter is actually enforced. I think that this is a good thing, though that is a very easy typo to make. Members aren’t necessarily declared. A “class method” is sort of like a static method in Java, in that it can be called from anything, […]

The Introduction chapter makes Ruby (and Rails) seem like something magical, not a programming language. I guess it’s partially marketing lingo. Appendix A, Introduction to Ruby It suggests reading through Appendix A, Introduction to Ruby. Since my only exposure to Ruby is copying code from existing scripts at work, I figured that I should read […]