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After my original post on trying out Ruby IDEs, I’ve been working with Komodo Edit for the last 2 weeks. I found it a bit awkward and with the large number of files in the MarkUs project, I found that searching was extremely slow and didn’t always find keywords that I knew where actually in […]

Ruby IDEs


Using a combination Notepad2 (with no Ruby syntax highlighting) and Windows Explorer definitely left much to be desired in terms of an editor. jEdit was my first foray into the IDE search since someone suggested it on the DrProject for MarkUs. It does the syntax highlighting just fine, but the File System Browser is almost […]

I have MarkUs up and running on my computer now! It is having troubles creating the repositories for assignments though – I edited the config/environment.rb file and it is still trying to look at the unix path instead of the new value I gave it. Restarting InstantRails didn’t help at all. Looks like it’s time […]