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Let me just say that this session was, hands down, the most important session at the conference. I think that having a Imposter-related discussion at one of the Women in CS brownbags would be really useful for everyone involved! To start, let’s try to define what this Imposter Syndrome is. In essence, it’s the overwhelming […]

This is not the sort of topic that I ever felt I would decide to publish on this blog, but I found a very intriguing and thought-provoking book chapter that honestly, I feel can be applied to anyone in general, regardless of their religious background. It comes from the book “Religion Saves + Nine Other […]

Megan Smith was the keynote speaker on Day 2. She completed her undergrad, as well as her Master’s, at MIT and she is currently the Vice President of New Business Development at Before she delved into her speech, she talked about the essay topic that MIT had set out in her year – to […]

Everything this morning started at 8 am: breakfast, registration, and my first Hopper volunteer session. Thankfully, I was able to skip the long, winding check-in line since I need my badge to start my Hopper session. The Hoppers organizer also gave me my conference bag which contains a plethora of random company bits of swag. […]