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The fourth novel that I read for my Extreme Contemporary French Literature class this past fall term was by a Belgian author, Amélie Nothomb, Robert des noms propres. This novel was quite short and read like a children’s novel, almost.  That was one of the intriguing aspects about it – it’s in a way the […]

One of the courses that I am taking this term is covers the French novel in the last decade, i.e. since 1997. After deciding to recommend the English version of the book we are currently studying to a friend, I decided to write a discussion of the first two books of the course. Keep in […]

One of the courses I am taking this term is on the theory of Linguistics. We will study all sorts of cool things like how sentences and other groups of words are structured. My sociolinguistics course is also very interesting – I’ve been reading “The Story of French” by Julie Barlow and Jean-Benoît Nadeau. So […]