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This past weekend was the Code Sprint for all of the UCOSP projects. We all met up in Toronto for 3 days, with hotels covered by the amazing sponsors Greg managed to come up with. I set out the following list of goals for the sprint initially: Read through Chapter 21-24 and take notes Finish […]

Okay, I am starting slightly later tonight (10 pm). I am pretty sure that I won’t see any results from the work that I’ll do tonight, but I should at least try to comprehend this situation better. Reminder: I am looking at ticket #357: “When adding a member to a group as an instructor, enter […]

This morning I tried to sit down and do some work on the tickets that Mike assigned to me on MarkUs, but my internet stopped working. I could run the server on my computer fine and look at the source code, but I didn’t have access to the site with the ticket descriptions! So I […]



Problem solved! I was restarting InstantRails after changing the config, but what I really needed to be doing was restarting the application by ctrl+c’ing and re-typing ‘ruby script/server’. Now it works and has the proper directory :)

I have MarkUs up and running on my computer now! It is having troubles creating the repositories for assignments though – I edited the config/environment.rb file and it is still trying to look at the unix path instead of the new value I gave it. Restarting InstantRails didn’t help at all. Looks like it’s time […]

Yesterday, I flew back to Waterloo for the school term that starts tomorrow. I found all of my course outlines, discovering that I only have 2 final exams this term! I’m living in the same place as I did on my previous school term (winter), so unpacking didn’t take very long and that leaves me […]

I am watching the screencasts listed on the MarkUs homepage (as of today). One of my first impressions of the user interface of MarkUs is how simple it seems, yet it is still polished. I like how easy group formation is. In my Operating Systems course, group formation involved sending a e-mail to the TA […]