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I’m trying to remember when exactly I switched from Firefox to Google Chrome as my primary browser. I think it was sometime in 2009, between January and May. I use Google Chrome for all of my browsing* now. I have application shortcuts for Gmail and Remember the Milk, which then open in their own “windows”. […]

This is not the sort of topic that I ever felt I would decide to publish on this blog, but I found a very intriguing and thought-provoking book chapter that honestly, I feel can be applied to anyone in general, regardless of their religious background. It comes from the book “Religion Saves + Nine Other […]

As students, we don’t necessarily keep normal “work hours” like people do in industry or while working. We don’t just check our e-mail between the hours of 8 am and 5-6 pm. How do we ensure that e-mails that we send to professors or to recruiters still maintain a professional air? And is it acceptable […]

No talking in the *silent* reading rooms. No groping. No making out. No sitting in each other’s laps. No chewing on each other’s ears. Seriously, do people not have any common sense? I can certainly tolerate excessive displays of affection on the 3rd floor of the MC (Math and Computing building) reasonably, but the library […]

Earlier this week, I de-activated my Facebook account. I came home from school one day and sat down at my computer and realized that I felt no need to log onto Facebook, so I simply de-activated the account. I realize now that this was a bit rash, so I’ve been thinking about the ways in […]

For us undergraduate students, our university campus may seem like a personal playground and a constant, convenient hang out spot. I’ve definitely noticed this more so on the Math side of campus than in the Arts Quad buildings. But for the professors and graduate students – this is their place of work. We are all […]