Installing Ruby on Rails in Windows 7


I recently installed Windows 7 Professional on my laptop. It was perfect timing since I was starting to have issues going into standby on my Windows XP Professional install, so it was about time since I would have re-formatted soon anyways. It has, for the most part, been a seamless upgrade. The Control Panel was completely re-arranged, which is a little annoying, but I can deal with that. Thankfully, I was prepared for the new taskbar, and in fact looking forward to it – otherwise, I would have been quite baffled by it.

I left my external monitor at home while I was at school for the last 3 and a half months. Yesterday evening, I finally finished re-organizing the various items on my desk and so I was able to set up my computer on the desk. I very much missed my beautiful 19″ widescreen LCD monitor and my speakers – the laptop speakers or headphones definitely pale in comparison.

Now that I have my desk set up for working, it’s finally time to get my development environment going: Eclipse with PHP and RadRails plugins, XAMPP as a server for PHP, and a Ruby on Rails server. Eclipse and XAMPP were a breeze, as always, but InstantRails, which I used on XP, was not quite as instant, so I went looking for a new solution. I’ve found several tutorials:

I’m first going to try following the tutorial at the second link. I followed the instructions, steps 1 to 6, and everything worked perfectly. I skipped step 7, as I want to use MySQL, which I had in my previous setup.

Then, I followed the instructions by the fourth tutorial to set up MySQL integration. Since I already have a MySQL install, I decided to use it instead of installing MySQL again, so I just had to install the gems. A test app seems to work fine, so tomorrow I will try and see if I can get an existing Rails application working.


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