GHC Day 2+


Unfortunately due to how long these sessions are and how much I have to say about each one, I will be trying to post one session’s notes per day. I have 12 pages of notes from yesterday’s sessions!

One thing that I have to say about the experience here is that the best part isn’t about getting the information or the notes from the sessions, but from firsthand hearing the information – that’s what’s really inspiring. For example, at the Imposter panel, the most useful part was listening to all of the anecdotes that people shared, which really helped to make me feel less alone.

Also, one other thing to note about the conference if you ever come to it – a lot of people may try to give you advice about what sessions you should go to and what else you should be doing, but only take their advice as advice, don’t take it as the final word and do what you’re interested in. The fact is that you’re here for yourself, not for other people. (Well, unless you come with a group of people on a recruiting trip.) It’s important to get what you need out of the conference. On that note, my only piece of advice is to make sure that you get the food when it’s available or you’re hooped!


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