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This is not the sort of topic that I ever felt I would decide to publish on this blog, but I found a very intriguing and thought-provoking book chapter that honestly, I feel can be applied to anyone in general, regardless of their religious background. It comes from the book “Religion Saves + Nine Other […]

I had originally planned on attending the “Communicating Powerfully Across Gender” session, but since it was cancelled, I chose to attend this one instead. I hadn’t originally looked at it since it was listed in the Academic track, but I am glad I went since it was very interesting to hear about some methods of […]

As students, we don’t necessarily keep normal “work hours” like people do in industry or while working. We don’t just check our e-mail between the hours of 8 am and 5-6 pm. How do we ensure that e-mails that we send to professors or to recruiters still maintain a professional air? And is it acceptable […]

Megan Smith was the keynote speaker on Day 2. She completed her undergrad, as well as her Master’s, at MIT and she is currently the Vice President of New Business Development at Before she delved into her speech, she talked about the essay topic that MIT had set out in her year – to […]

One of the courses that I am taking this term is covers the French novel in the last decade, i.e. since 1997. After deciding to recommend the English version of the book we are currently studying to a friend, I decided to write a discussion of the first two books of the course. Keep in […]

Unfortunately the “Communicating Powerfully Across Gender” session today was cancelled. That was to be the first Industry-track session of the day. The first speaker at the Welcome was a woman who worked with Grace Hopper in military computing. No matter how much time I have spent in the U.S., it still astounds me how much […]

GHC Day 2+


Unfortunately due to how long these sessions are and how much I have to say about each one, I will be trying to post one session’s notes per day. I have 12 pages of notes from yesterday’s sessions! One thing that I have to say about the experience here is that the best part isn’t […]