GHC t-minus 1 day!


Our travel to Tucson, AZ went smoothly, except for the fact that only one of the three girls who ordered UW business cards managed to get them since they came late (which is not surprising). We found one of our party at the airport, who is working in Toronto on co-op this term. She was quite happy to find out that we were all on the same flight. The flight from Chicago to Tucson was great – I managed to get free wi-fi on the plane!

We have now settled into the hotel now for the Grace Hopper Conference. The hotel, JW Marriott Star Pass Resort & Spa, is absolutely amazing! We have a deck, a huge closet, two large beds with five beautiful pillows (is it possible for pillows to be beautiful?) each, and a huge master bedroom size bathroom, with both a shower and a tub. We also wandered around the conference area of the hotel which is, yet again, massive, and the pool areas outside. There are quite a few company booths in the conference area! Hopefully we will have the time to wander around in the daylight when we can actually see them tomorrow.

I am currently trying to fight with my phone’s calendar. Every time I switch time zones, it screws something up and this time that something is having all of the conference sessions and such off by an hour!

Today, I learned that Arizona is on Mountain Standard Time, not Pacific Daylight Time, though those are actually the same GMT offset. Perhaps that is why my phone’s calendar is currently not co-operating!

Tomorrow, I have my first Hopper session in the morning. The Jo Miller – Becoming A Person of Influence discussion and workshop is in the afternoon and there are also some newcomer informations.


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