MarkUs Week 2 and Code Sprint


This past weekend was the Code Sprint for all of the UCOSP projects. We all met up in Toronto for 3 days, with hotels covered by the amazing sponsors Greg managed to come up with. I set out the following list of goals for the sprint initially:

  1. Read through Chapter 21-24 and take notes
  2. Finish ticket #403
  3. Go back and try to understand Mike’s instructions for doing the modal dialog properly
  4. Try to finish ticket #357
  5. If possible, try to look at ticket #358

Team pictures from the Code Sprint

On Wednesday, I read through chapter 21 (Action Controller: Routing and URLs) and on Thursday, I finished off chapter 22 (Action Controller and Rails).

On Friday, I read through most of the currently relevant parts of chapter 23 (Action View), skipping the sections on uploading files, caching, and adding new templating systems and leaving the section on layouts and components for Saturday.

On Saturday, I finished reading the layouts section of chapter 23, as well as chapter 24 which was on JavaScript in Ruby. I started thinking more about the tickets that are assigned to me, cut some more tickets, and familiarized myself more with the code now that I have a better understanding of the model-view-controller relationships.

Unfortunately by Sunday, my cold was really starting to get to me and I was not nearly as productive as I had hoped to be. I did, at least, get one change submitted through ReviewBoard and figure out how to use SVN with my install of RadRails and we all came up with a list of features that we plan to implement this term. I will be working on messages between TAs (graders) and instructors, along with Fernando who is also in Waterloo.

I finished the first 3 of my initial goals this past week and over the weekend. I have a much better understanding of how to approach the modal dialog ticket #357 and hopefully I will get started with working on that once I come back from the Grace Hopper conference!


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