GHC t-minus 2 days


As some of you may know, I am attending the Grace Hopper Conference in Tucson, AZ this year. I am extremely excited for this opportunity that the Women in CS committee at the University of Waterloo has bestowed upon me and eight (!) other undergraduate and graduate students. It should be an amazing experience and I will hopefully be blogging about the conference over the remainder of the week.

Tonight, I will be unpacking the remainder of my stuff from the MarkUs project Code Sprint, as well as packing up my stuff to be prepared to head to the Pearson airport after my first class tomorrow. Between the code sprint and the conference, I am missing a lot of classes, but I think that it is totally worth it.

During the conference, I am volunteering as a “Hopper”. I don’t know exactly what I will be doing yet for my shifts, but hopefully it will be interesting! Two of the sessions that I am most interested in are “The Imposter Panel” and “Is Your Future in the Individual Contributor or Manager Track?”. I plan to primarily attend the industry sessions since the undergraduate ones seem mostly targeted at second and third year students and I have pretty much finished my CS undergraduate career at this point, so I think that the industry sessions will help with that transition.

The next several days will be very busy, but they should prove to be very rewarding!


5 Responses to “GHC t-minus 2 days”

  1. Nice! I am writing a paper on women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and the impostor syndrome. I took a quick look at the conference, and that workshop. Could you please blog about that one in a bit more detail – I’m really curious!



  2. Excellent!
    “Grad school survival skills” sounds cute, but may be very “duh” in nature. Same with “Work-life balance”. “Building a smarter planet” and “Communicating powerfully across gender”, as well as one on assistive technology for people with cognitive impairments – all sound great. Have you decided on others?

  3. Sounds great! If the Imposter Panel mentions any books (or novels, or short stories), could you please make note of them? Thanks, and have an awesome time!

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