MarkUs Work – Week 2


This morning I tried to sit down and do some work on the tickets that Mike assigned to me on MarkUs, but my internet stopped working. I could run the server on my computer fine and look at the source code, but I didn’t have access to the site with the ticket descriptions! So I ended up going to campus and doing all my other work for the day (I’m trying to get ahead before the Code Sprint and Grace Hopper). Now, at 9 pm, it’s finally time to sit down and work on MarkUs for a bit. (Side note: Could iTunes please stop constantly updating? Every time I open it, it has a new version.)

My plan is to try to tackle Ticket #357 tonight since someone put in a comment with a possible solution to fix it. If I get it done, I may look at the other one that was assigned to me as well.

I forgot how to get MarkUs up and running. I tried to go to the Windows install instructions and look at the last bit, but they were a bit confusing, so I updated them slightly. I also noticed that some stuff looks a bit funny in Chrome, so looks like I’ll be running two browsers as I work on MarkUs, plus the editor and the Ruby console window…

First things first, I looked at the ticket title:

When adding a member to a group as an instructor, enter doesn’t do anything

and thought, “This looks easy enough to reproduce”. But then I opened up the code and found no mention of an instructor class in the models folder, nor was there a mention of “Instructors” under the Users section in the UI when I logged in as the default admin user. It turns out that essentially Admin = Instructor, but in the documentation, Instructor is used, and in the UI, Admin is used. Okay, we’re back on our way now.

I found the particular section that was causing the problem – if you navigate to Assignments, picked an assignment, and then Groups & Graders. I created a new group by clicking on “Add new”. I added some new students to it and sure enough, enter does nothing. I did find though that as an admin I can add quite a few people to a group without having a problem… (I added 6 on an assignment specified to allow groups of size 2 to 3, with no warning.)

Let’s try logging in as a student and make sure this isn’t a problem as well. Awesome, warning is delivered on the student view! You also can’t invite yourself, nor can you invite someone if he/she has already accepted a group invitation (but until that point, you can invite them). And once you accept the invitation, it seems that the other ones are declined automatically.

Okay, let’s go back to our admin user now. Since our “Students without a group” text is fairly long, I can’t actually see the brackets and the count since they are pushed onto the next line. Let’s compare the HTML between the admin add a member to a group and the student add a member to a group forms. As the ticket comments suggested, there are no <form> or </form> tags on the admin view, but there are on the student view.

Next job – let’s find both of these files in the editor.

Admin: the link is in /main/groups/manage/2

  • This means that we’re looking at the “groups” controller and the “manage” view for assignment 2.
  • We get the dialog box by clicking on the “Add Member” link.
Okay, I’ve run into some complicated problems trying to figure this out. It seems that the form wasn’t properly set up with Rails and there are global JavaScript variables that are making this extremely tricky. I will send an e-mail off to my group explaining that a proper solution will require revamping several files and that it is not just a simple fix.

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