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Using a combination Notepad2 (with no Ruby syntax highlighting) and Windows Explorer definitely left much to be desired in terms of an editor.

jEdit was my first foray into the IDE search since someone suggested it on the DrProject for MarkUs. It does the syntax highlighting just fine, but the File System Browser is almost too simplistic and does not integrate very well with the text editing part. Also, having multiple files open at once is not very intuitive at all. It actually took me several hours of using it to even notice that I wasn’t just having one file open at once and it replacing my existing session with the new file I wanted to open, but has a dropdown of all the files I’ve ever opened since I didn’t know I could close them. I could probably get used to it with some more time spent at it, but it feels a bit awkward.

The next editor that I tried was Komodo Edit. It allows for “projects” which are basically the contents of a folder as far as I am concerned at the moment. This was definitely a key feature I saw missing in jEdit. You can also visually see all of the files that you have open with tabs! You can click on multiple files in the project view and open them all at once. Ctrl+w closes tabs, as does Ctrl+F4. You can also navigate back between previous locations in a file. Next test: make sure that it has good preferences like jEdit did. Completions aren’t completely intuitive, but you do use Ctrl+space or tab (!) to cycle through them (they’re not in a nice pretty dropdown like in Eclipse). I am fairly content with the preferences for Komodo Edit.

Some other options that I found in my research that I didn’t check out:


4 Responses to “Ruby IDEs”

  1. Hi Tara!
    On the Mac I can recommend TextWrangler, on Windows Notepad++. These are just free Editors and useful for editing scripts.
    If you work with projects a lot use Eclipse (PTD) and the Subclipse plugin for SVN… also free and a very good, flexible IDE.

    Have fun!

    • Thanks Mike! I think I am going to try Eclipse for Ruby since Komodo Edit is extremely slow at useful features like searching the entire project (as well as other things). Eclipse is so much cleaner than Komodo Edit. I just have to get around to actually setting it up for Ruby now…

  2. 3 Alexander Ewetumo

    i feel your pain…being there myself but i tink the best would either be if you using a combo of java n ruby plus others the either Eclipse or Netbeans makes best..personally i already sue a ubuntu system and personally i hate having to dual boot and after a whle i got tired of using windows on ma Virtualbox but still being in a Polytechnic that rily relies on Windows can be sometimes iritating and well dis-advatagouse to me so with you being a full windows user Either of those two should surfice…
    On ubuntu i used the infamouse gedit plus some few plugins to make it a textmate clone and to be honest am hooked on it …if i had a choice of IDE and Gedit ,i wud stil choose Gedit

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